Between the black and white I'm not laughin' - I'm not cryin' I'm not livin' - I'm not dyin' - I'm not flyin' And I'm not down on my knees Until I'm over you I'm gonna be stuck Somewhere in between I'm just not there yet I'm Somewhere in between in the middle Of the darkness and the light All I can see is the hazy gray Between the black and white The ticking and the tocking clock. Yeah, no matter what plane I'm inside of and what ocean I'm on top of. You had a love and that love had you. The silence Then waiting for tomorrow, And I'm somewhere in between She steps into the light.I stop and stare. Stephen Bishop - Somewhere In Between (Theme From China Syndrome) Lyrics. I don't want to run away from this, I know that I just don't need this Cause I'm waiting for tonight But underneath my feet. I wish that it was just that easy. And nothing mattered, you were fine. Lyrics to 'Somewhere In Between' by Johnny Cooper. This cannot be happening Somewhere In Between Lyrics . There's a … What is real [Pre-Chorus 2: Kate Bush] Cause I cannot stand still And some will complain, they're just bitter, what a shame. And I'm somewhere in between. i love you so much. Somewhere in Between (Live) [Act Three] by Kate Bush. Just a dream But we'll meet somewhere in between Heaven, hell or the bedroom I'll take you away from everything You're a dream and I'm a nightmare But we'll meet somewhere in between The sheets, the covers and the headboard I'll be a king if you are a queen I just fell in love for … And I'm left in the middle again. Somewhere between me and you. Your sheets, your covers, and the headboard. The recurring references to “the day and night” and “neither night nor morning” indicate that the suite’s cycle has moved onto twilight and is almost entering night. Goodnight, Sun Somewhere in between lyrics: Sometimes I forget, then I remember Sometimes I hold on, then I let go Sometimes I fight, then I surrender Losing you's been harder than … The song was later performed live as an extended version in Act Three of the Before the Dawn residency and a live recording was released on the album of the same name in late 2016. Like the majority of the “Sky” suite, it hasn’t been discussed in any interviews. It's there for a while then it fades like a smile. Somewhere in between the ticking and the tocking clock i can't let you go. I can't meet Losing sleep over this No I can't And now I cannot stop pacing Give me a few hours I'll have this all sorted out If my mind would just stop racing Cause I cannot stand still I can be this unsturdy This cannot be happening This is over my head But underneath my feet Cause by tomorrow morning I'll have this thing beat And everything will be back to the way that it was I wish that it was just that easy Cause … Somewhere in a dream between. Cause I cannot stand still, I can't be this unsturdy it reaches the sky. I'm in Germany with merch money in my lap. Heaven, Hell, or the bedroom, I'll take you away from everything. Somewhere in between the ticking and the tocking clock 'Twixt the day and night There's a wall so high, it reaches the sky. © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I can't be Losing sleep over this No, I can't. There's a love that I don't understand. Somewhere in a dream between sleep and waking up Somewhere in between the waxing and the waning wave Token Lyrics. Not one of us would dare to break. [Chorus 2: Kate Bush] 'Cause by tomorrow morning I'll have this thing beat. No I can't [Verse 3: Kate Bush] somewhere between me and you. Along a chink of light