I am a Junior here at Coastal. Download a Pecha Kucha template. I love music, and my favorite band is Vampire Weekend. Upgrade to download 0 1. Jobs include: Sales associate, warehouse manager, customer service representative, small business owner, advertising manager and public relations manager. Getting to know you template/worksheet - Secret Agent. It worked really well - it was a great week! Get to Know Me! Alternatively, you can get to them straight from your Office application. When your students know who you are as a person, they are much more... 34,228 Downloads. Music always inspires me and helps me express what I’m feeling. Play this version of the game as a whole class. I will be more than happy to share the bulletin board idea and class rules all done with Icons. Being able to correctly counted the money you are giving and/or receiving. 3. Letter requesting unpaid speaker for meeting Word Binder cover Word Axis design slides PowerPoint … Title: Getting to know you 1 Getting to know you. FREE (18) Popular paid resources. :) As A Reader As A Music Listener As A Media User, Transcript: MUSIC THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! When you open PowerPoint 2013 for the first time, the Start Screen will appear. In this getting to know you worksheet, students write information about themselves and then hand it to a partner who has to find out why the student wrote the information and ask follow-up questions. Get to know you activity…. http://news.yahoo.com/ One of my accomplishments is I was first chair clarinetist all of eigth grade. Description: Storytelling is at the heart of great service. This field covers visual and performing arts and design, journalism and the entertainment world. Year 1 report comments for reading, writing and maths. Customise easily to fit your school or classroom needs. This is an accessible template. Slides can be created and displayed as a slide show on … PowerPoint. Being Deaf (Katherine Rayner) We're All Different … Show students how to locate the Postcard template for this project. GREEN DAY (and any other punk rock boy band, they all sound the same) BEN FOLDS I'm in the band. The PowerPoint interface I also have a version in which you can add your own questions: . 10 Slides to Get to Know You hsukenooi November 23, 2013 Business 1 1.6k. Edit each slide and tell your students a bit about yourself. Get to Know Your New Teacher! From Myrtle Beach, SC On the Women’s Basketball Team Born November 25, 1992 Played basketball, soccer, and softball competitively since the age of 8. . Did you ever come up with a foodbook version. 2. CARING COOL I feel happy starting grade three because we are going to do cool things I CANT WAIT GET TO KNOW ME My favourite animal is a leopard beige skin brown eyes HELPFUL, Transcript: I also like taking pictures and dancing My name is Mrs Yates. I'm 15 years old. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and or add to Google Calendar. my hobies i like to crochet i love to write espically potery music recently i have gotten into techno music i love: fareast movement, mike posner, and neon trees i also like katy perry that is me I'm very odd and different, normally called dorky but i am fun to be around as long as i like you the real me, Transcript: Get to know me! I'm just an average teenager. light brown My favourite tv show is Lego ninga. Jun 16, 2016 - free printable for getting to know your office coworkers | employee engagement | gift and bonus ideas | Encourage office Display the first ‘Never Have I Ever’ statement. I'm addicted to Tumblr <3 I tweet more than I text. This colorful and informational PowerPoint is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to your new students! Chloe Activities and accomplishments Caisa In uniform! Greeting card templates are also available online, and one can always refer to it for customizing one’s own card. Just click to get your copy. It is easy to me, i feel that it is very important and you need it to move forward in life no matter what you think. (: I get distracted by the littlest things. Tap the green button. Templates ; Education; Getting to know your teacher; Getting to know your teacher. We'd then ask that person to give a talk about themselves based on this deck. 'y' at the end of word with long 'i' (aɪ) sound. From the Start Screen, locate and select Blank Presentation. The easiest way to get started is to download my template and replace my pictures with yours. Getting to Know You - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. 19 response rate. As always, educators can also find these templates in the Pear Deck Sidebar in both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. You'll see how it looks like in the following video (be sure to turn up your sound! Go to File > New and type "accessible templates" in the Search for online templates box. Make your presentation shine. Well, using this Education PowerPoint Template is going to help you surpass that big step. – associations: tranquillity, feminine, childhood; – … My favorite subject is Literature for several reasons. GET TO KNOW ME Transcript: I am confident because I have a stupendaus teacher. 'The Clash is not between civilizations but between Ulfa' and Consumerism 'Ulfa' ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 39fa0-Njc5Z . From basic-looking templates that look like they were done in a hurry to premium-looking templates carefully designed by professional designers, you’ll usually find something you can use.