If you’ve followed FiberArtsy for a while, you know that over the years, I have explored many techniques for dyeing a variety of yarn colorways and patterns. Yarn is dyed in batches. This blends the 2 dyelots visually and tricks your eye into seeing the 2 dye lots as similar. For this skein the color is Cherry Red, the article number is E300, and the color is 0319. Yarn is dyed in big quantities even though the same formula is used each time the dye lots can be different. This yarn, for instance is called Navy (easy enough) and its dye lot is 2014-03-001. Understanding dye lot is crucial for any artist that works with fiber. For example: use one dye lot for the body and the new dye lot for the sleeves or collar. It all just depends on the brand of yarn you are using. With the Internet today, we have the ability to search far and wide for products we might be looking for. What do I do? In the case of different dye lots, alternating rounds or pairs of rows from two different dye … Repeat for a few inches and then continue on with new dye lot. These batches are given unique identifying numbers known as "dye lots". If you can’t find another skein with the same dye lot number, or if the yarn has No Dye Lot on the label, I recommend trying to go online to find the yarn. Some colors, however, are no dye lot yarn, which means that the yarn is spun from fiber that is already colored. The colors of two different dye lots may look the same under certain lights and … Jackie Daugherty is the editor of Crochet World magazine. Yarn manufacturers assign each lot a unique identification number and stamp it on the label before shipping. What is a dye lot number? For example when dyeing yarn, yarn manufacturers assign each lot a unique identification number and stamp it … A dye lot is the batch the yarn was dyed in. When you crochet larger products, such as blankets, you often use multiple skeins of yarn. The yarn industry dyes yarns with very specific formulas, but each batch can be slightly different and that is the reason they label each batch with a dye lot number. Remember that the best way to avoid a dye lot dilemma is to check dye lots at the time of purchase and to buy enough for your project AND any samples or gauge swatches that you might want to make before starting. The “yarn weight classification” does not refer to … So, how do you avoid it? Shop Red Heart Super Saver Yarn at JOANN fabric and craft store online to stock up on the best supplies for your project. When you buy yarn for a specific project, buy all the yarn you’ll need for it at the same time with the same dye lot numbers. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of many of our yarns, dye lots frequently sell out quickly and we might not have the requested lot number in stock. Tips for Making Safer, Longer-Lasting Crochet Toys. Remember, the dye lot matching is worth a trip across town. On yarn that uses dye lots, the lot number will be located on the label. In other words, all skeins with the same dye lot number were dyed/colored using the same vat of dye. Always check your labels and try to buy all of your yarn at the same store, and at the same time. In knit or crochet, the drape of Caron Simply Soft makes it the right choice for garments and throws alike. When we dye our yarns, the same formula is used each time but every batch of yarn is assigned a different dye lot number. My comments to Erin about this problem may help you. Slight differences in temperature, dyeing time, and other factors can affect the shade of colour of the finished yarn, so to ensure a consistent colour in a finished garment, it is best to use yarn which comes from the same dye lot . Do you have any tips and tricks about yarn dye lots? Typical dyelots will range from 300-800 yards at a time based on the weight of the yarn, the type of yarns used, and the dye tub size. Always try to stick with the same brand and product line that you were using before if you can.