By David A. For walleye, blue, chartreuse, silver, and firetiger are always excellent color choices, as they stand out to these freshwater fish. When the weather is hot, leeches make a better bait choice than minnows, although worms can substitute if necessary. , pike, and zander. On colder fall mornings, a time of year where catching walleye can be difficult, this Strike King lure can produce a catch. Spring & Fall are the Best Seasons. The construction is balsa wood, which makes this lure super responsive as well as long-lasting. This means angling for walleye is always best during these times, as active fish are more likely to strike. Realistic 3D eyes, and incredible detailing only add to its appeal. About Us | Camping | Tents | Fishing | Game Cameras | Hiking & Backpacking | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclosure | DMCA Walleye fishing can be great fun. As well as wiggling through the water, this lipless crankbait produces a loud rattling sound to attract even more fish. There’s a healthy chop on the water and a nip in the air. When walleye are hunting whitefish, ciscoes or other cold-water species near structure, Glorvigen wields a 5- to 7-inch Zoom Super Fluke on a 1/2- to 3/4-ounce Northland Fishing Tackle Mimic Minnow jig head. . You can use the same bass fishing techniques to catch walleye, as each sport fish needs a different angling methodology. As the fall turnover takes place (the process where the rapidly cooling upper level of water causes lakes to churn and mix), deeper water becomes oxygenated. Most anglers know they make a challenging catch, as well as a fantastic meal. This Rapala walleye lure runs straight and true on the retrieve, while the loud rattle chamber attracts surrounding fish. A plain jig or a Lindy Fuzz e Grub is a longtime favorite. This opens the depths up for walleyes and they will often find deep structure for their new hunting grounds. First, the tried and true #5 Rapala Shad Wrap catches a lot of fish and is always a good bet. The Deep Little Ripper has a incredible darting action as it dives deeper than the Little Ripper. Looking for a giant early-season walleye? This lure is ideal for trolling at around 12 feet, at speeds just under 2 miles per hour. As well as walleye, this lure is highly effective when used on. If you want to land a ten-pound fish, you need a lure with a lot of action as well as flexibility. Rapala makes quite a few more lure styles besides crankbaits and this is one of my favorites. 1. © 2020 Outdoor Command. On colder fall mornings, a time of year where catching walleye can be difficult, this Strike King lure can produce a catch. The Swedish Pimple is a jigging spoon, well-known for its flashy sides and hallmark red trailer piece. My favorite colors were glass clown , glass pink , and glass perch in the number 12 size. The world's best running hardbait, hand-tuned and tank-tested at the factory. Bonus tip: Check out this video for some tricks on catching summer walleye! You can definitely catch fish in summer and winter but those fish tend to be more docile. This Strike King Lure will roll and wiggle in the water until it catches the attention of a passing walleye. “My best walleye weighed 17lbs,” Loving said. Here are some of the lures you should make sure have in your arsenal to drive walleyes wild this fall. This popular deep diving lure is for anglers aiming to reel in big walleye! This premium walleye lure has an erratic back-and-forth diving action that can be replicated by no other lure; its movement is irresistible to walleye. The Strike King Walleye Elite KVD 300D Series is a 5 1/4 inch, 3/5 ounce variant of the KVD 300D Jerkbait offered in a range of walleye-optimized colors. Here are the Best Walleye Lures and Baits in 2020. This realistic deep diver is certainly one of the best walleye lures. This imitation combined with an irresistible action or wobble forces the walleye to strike the crankbait lures really hard. I love the gold shiner finish for fall fishing. Additionally, any lure with this shaking and wiggling action is very helpful when trying to catch walleye. While this is certainly true, an overlooked method is night fishing with bait from the bank. The bold yellows and reds of autumn have taken over and shoreline looks like fire. The rig consists of a series of colorful spinners and beads, followed by two separate Octopus hooks which are typically topped with a live nightcrawler. Designed to mimic an injured baitfish, this jerkbait is sure to attract large predators. More Gone Fishin. This fusion jig head can also be used with live bait, in a simple but highly effective combination. Soft Plastic Swimbait: A large swimbait can be very effective when jigging for walleye, and can trigger even the laziest fish to strike. To catch walleye, the right lure needs to be used with the correct bait selection. 3. 3) Reef Runner : 700 series Ripstick Most anglers know they make a challenging catch, as well as a fantastic meal. Many walleye anglers consider this to be the way to catch walleyes. Slender profile and tight wiggle to attract fish, Holographic blade emulates primary baitfish colors. These fish have excellent vision, so a low-level presentation is vital. Spring and fall walleye are hungry. Many anglers may not realize it, but a Texas-rigged worm can be a great choice for walleyes. The best walleye lures are never going to work in every situation and every possible light or season. The Missouri state record walleye came from Bull Shoals. Your email address will not be published. They bite all day and can be caught in respectable sizes. Best Suspending Jerkbait: Rapala Husky Jerk Fishing Lure. Slender stickbaits are the most common-profile crank in the walleye world. The thing I love most about the Rapala Husky Jerks is that they are suspending crankbaits, meaning they will stay put after you yank them through the water. He would position the boat directly over the suspect marks on a flasher-style depthfinder and drop a Sonar (the lure, not a depthfinder) to them. Red walleye lures are highly effective from 15-20 feet, while green or silver is a better color choice for deeper water. Try to mimic the natural fall forage that walleyes are used to. Its plastic fins make it swim in a fluid, gliding motion as you jig it up and down. Walleye fishing can be great fun. Walleye are an excellent target for anglers, as they can provide a varied and challenging fishing experience. Spinners, mid-depth crankbaits, and worms can be effective in these conditions. Fishing a crankbait allows you more stealth in shallow water, which is necessary for catching walleye. Use this jig with any of your favorite soft plastic baits for walleye and reel in fish after fish. We recommend trying out a very slow troll around any humps or drop-offs, where walleye are likely to converge. Minnows, leeches, and worms are the most attractive live bait to walleye. Fishing for walleye with the Reef Runner takes a bit of practice and is easier for more experienced anglers. It’s especially effective in the early fall in 60-65 degree water. That’s why this is one of the best walleye lures and has been for years. In addition, we’ll explain how you should approach catching walleye, and how to use each lure to reel in a winner! Like most fish species, walleye aggressively feed in the fall in preparation for winter. Berkley Power Worms are the most popular plastic worm on the fishing market due to their incredibly powerful scent. This lure is ideal for trolling at around 12 feet, at speeds just under 2 miles per hour. This lure has an excellent presentation, showing a great profile and wiggle in the water to attract walleye from all around. This Bandit lure is a perfect choice for attracting the attention of deep-dwelling walleye. It comes in a variety of popular color ... 2. As one of the most useful and versatile walleye lures available, we don’t recommend you go fishing without a Rapala Shad Rap. For a lure completely optimized for bringing in the largest walleye possible, choose the Strike King Walleye Elite Jerkbait. Then, when tying your line to the hook eye, make sure it faces outwards to lift the tail and present the leech in a more appealing fashion to passing fish. Use this jerkbait to mimic an injured minnow and you won’t be able to keep the walleye away! March 22, 2013. The Bandit Deep Diver is a classic trolling lure you can use for catching a lot of different fish. A Texas rig allows you to fish the worm as slow as you like for finicky fish in a wide range of depths. 1/4 and 3/8 ounce sizes are the best choices for walleye. This leaves the lure in the strike zone and lets the fish decide when to strike. As well as good vision, walleye have a very sensitive lateral line that can detect out-of-sight underwater vibrations. This walleye lure comes in many colors and sizes so you can tailor it directly to your target fish; for walleye, we recommend the color Fire Tiger, which is a shiny green and black easily visible through water by walleye. Leeches work well when used for vertical jigging, so if you use a jig head make sure to pick a small hook. They bite all day and can be caught in respectable sizes. The 20 Best Walleye Lures for Spring. If you fancy a change for fishing for walleye with a crankbait, jigging could be the next big thing! The common narrative is that fish go deep, and the best way to catch ‘em is hanging big minnows…. 4 and No. There are many different approaches you can use when fishing for walleye, making them perfect for anglers to add their own personal flair. The presentation is made possible by the specially designed metal diving lip, which causes the lure to wiggle all over the place as you pull it through the water. In areas of the lake where the turnover hasn’t taken place yet, however, walleyes will still patrol shallower weed lines, sandbars, and points. No matter how erratic your lure presentation is, nothing is more enticing to walleye than a real live snack. As the name implies, this crankbait was designed with walleyes in mind.